My ancestor, Robert Roebuck III (1653 to 1709), was born in Darton in the West Riding of Yorkshire and emigrated from England in 1674. His parents were Robert Robucke II (1620 to 1670) and Catherine Haige (1620 to 1664), both of Darton.

This site is the crystalization of research being carried out on my behalf in England, specifically in the West Riding of Yorkshire and takes the Roebuck family back from Darton in the mid 17th century another 400 years into the mists of the 13th century, to Netherthong and to the ancient Manors of Wakefield, Sheffield and Pontefract.

I hope you enjoy the journey.
   Origin of the Roebuck Surname: - the Roe Buck Deer

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It is with great sadness we have to announce that Betsy Roebuck, the owner of this web site, has recently passed away.

This web site will, however, be maintained in her memory, but further research has, at least for the time being, stopped.

Finally, apologies to those of you who are awaiting a reply to an email, but I'm sure you will understand the situation.

Site Subject Index

Robert Roebuck's epic journey from the Parish of Darton in England in 1674 to the Parish of Wiccocomoco in Northumberland County, Virginia, USA.
Robert's Immigration Record of 1674
Robert's early years in America

The following subjects relate to the research undertaken in England: -

Family Charts
Roebuck Tree (Robert's ancestors) 1460 to 1674
Haigh Tree (Robert Roebuck's Haige ancestors) 1350 to 1674
Thomas Roebuck of Heath 1650 to 1750

Thomas Robucke of Wooldale 1515 to 1600
George Robucke of Merehouse and Fulston 1520 to 1670
George Robucke of Hepworth 1555 to 1600
John Robucke of Roydhouse, Shelley 1580 to 1650
Thomas Robucke of Hepworth 1610 to 1685

Surnames and origins
A general history of the Roebuck surname.
The origin of the Roebuck surname based upon the current research.
Roebuck or Barnard, a confusing change of surname.
A published account of the Roebuck surname by an established authority.
Appleton Roebuck, fact or fiction?

Deeds, copies of

John Robuck Deed 1544 (Latin)
Haige Deed 1611 (Latin)
Haige Indenture 1617

Haige Indenture 1626
Haige Indenture 1631
Haige Royal Charter 1631
Darton Tax Assessment of 1653
Haige Indenture 1659

Parish Registers, copies of
Darton Parish Church

Wills and Admons
General Index including 82 Roebuck Wills from 1389 to 1845 and numerous Darton area Wills from 1389 to 1653.

Copies of: -
Thomas Robucke 1518 (Felkirk)
Elizabeth Haige 1559 (Darton)
John Robucke 1567 (Felkirk)
George Robucke 1580 (Fulston)
William Haige 1581 (Darton)
Thomas Robucke 1585 (Wooldale)
Thomas Robucke 1587 (Wooldale)
George Robucke 1591 (Hepworth)
Barnard Haige 1592 (Darton)
Elizabeth Robucke 1592 (Fulston)
George Robucke 1598 (Darton)
Agnes Robuck 1602 (Fulston)
Richard Dickonson 1605 (Darton)
John Robucke 1607 (Fulston)
Richard Haige 1612 (Darton)
Alice Haige 1612 (Darton)
Thomas Robucke 1614 (Fulston)
Richard Dickonson 1622 (Darton)
John Robucke 1635 (Shelley)
Agnes Robucke 1636 (Shelley)
Robert Robucke 1639 (Darton)
John Robucke 1646 (Shelley)
Robert Robucke 1670 (Darton)
Thomas Roebuck 1727 (Heath)
Mary Roebuck 1734 (Heath)

Name / Events Databases
Roebuck individuals (A - Z)
Haigh individuals (A - Z)

Roebuck Spread of Name by 1650
The Darton Parish 1850's, indicating the Robucke Fields location. (This map also shows the locations of Staincross, Haigh, Mapplewell and Kexbrough.)
Darton modern

Holme Graveship 1420
Holme Graveship 1850's
Holme Graveship modern
Roebuck Low / Castleshaw Roman times AD 100
Roebuck Low / Castleshaw 1850's

Darton Parish Church

Shelley, Roydhouse and Kirkburton
Roebuck Low and Castleshaw

Illustrated Walks
Darton and Haigh
Roebuck Low and Castleshaw

This web site has been a labour of love and I must thank all the new friends I have made, and the 'old' ones, on both sides of the Atlantic, who have provided information and encouragement without which, this site would not have been possible.


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