Roebuck or Barnard?

In the course of the research carried out in England some interesting early entries in the Dewsbury Parish Church Registers were uncovered. It appears that Edward Roebucke moved to Dewsbury about 1600 A.D. along with his brother William.

Edward Roebucke married Agnes Brook on 2 December 1606 in Dewsbury and then changed his name to Edward Barnard.

Future entries of his children in the Registers read: - William son of Edward Barnerd alias Roebuck baptised 5 March 1606/07; a young son of Edward Barnarde buried 10 November 1610; Edward son of Edward Barnarde baptised 2 February 1611/12; Lawrence son of Edward Barnarde baptised 17 February 1615/16; John son of Edward Barnerde alias Roebuck baptised 21 May 1621; and Lawrence son of Edward Barnarde alias Roebuck buried 18 March 1621/22.
A name change such as this was not uncommon at this time and was probably an attempt to escape or avoid some form of religious persecution. Presumably Ossett was considered 'safer' than Dewsbury as no name change was considered necessary. No doubt Dewsbury was 'safer' than where they had come from as long as the name was changed. Edward and William were probably Catholics, although William did become a Church Warden at Dewsbury Parish Church. Whilst no specific attempt has been made to trace the origin of these brothers, Dewsbury is less than 10 miles from both Darton and Kirkburton and is indicated on the Roebuck Spread Map. The most likely origin is the Parish of Kirkburton, more specifically one of the small hamlets within the Graveship of Holme: such as Merehouse, Wooldale or even 'over the border' Netherthong.
About 1630 his son John (son of Edward Barnerde alias Roebuck) appears to have moved to the district of Ossett, but still within the Parish of Dewsbury as John Roebuck. John Roebuck then married Anne and had the following children: Ann daughter of Jo Robucke of Ossett baptised 7 February 1631/32, buried 9 February 1631/32; Mary daughter of John Robucke of Ossett baptised 31 March 1633; Elizabeth daughter of John Robucke of Ossett baptised 3 November 1635, buried 5 November 1635; John son of John Robucke of Ossett baptised 27 March 1642. John's wife Anne died in 1644 shortly after giving birth to a son who died at birth. Her unbaptised son was buried on 27 October and Anne was buried on 15 November.
Edward's brother William Robucke who had also moved to Dewsbury about 1600, settled in Ossett. William married Alice Lee on 12 November 1601. He was became a warden of Dewsbury Parish Church in 1618. William's daughter Alice, born 1602, married William Fox on 10 December 1628. William Roebuck died in 1630 and was buried on 4 March. His nephew John Robucke probably took over his residence in Ossett after his death in 1630.
All the above events have been included on the Robuck database of individuals.

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