From the Village of Felkirk to Staincross, Darton.

Felkirk was a medieval village and no longer exists as such. All that remains is the old Parish Church , which is still used today.

The earliest of Robert Roebuck, the emigrant's recorded ancestors was Thomas Robucke, who was born about 1460 and died in 1517 AD. Thomas's family would have been some of the last inhabitant's of that ancient village.

It was whilst living in Felkirk that Robert's ancestors worked the Robucke fields in Darton.

The map shows the location of Felkirk relative to Darton, Notton and Woolley as it was in about 1850. Much had changed in the area between 1500 and 1850, including the construction of canals and railways, during the industrial revolution. Today, apart from the ancient Parish Church, little if anything has survived. Even the landscape has been permanently changed by the coal mining industry.

Robert's ancestors settled permanently in Staincross in about 1540. Staincross is within the Parish of Darton, situated on a hill overlooking the village of Darton, located between Darton and felkirk.

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