The Village of Heath and its Surroundings.

Robert's brother Thomas moved from Darton to Heath during 1677.

Heath is one of the small villages comprising the Parish of Warmfield, whose Parish Church is situated in the even smaller village of Kirkthorpe .

Even today Heath is a quiet village, with a village green and some old houses . The 16th century Hall was, however, rebuilt towards the end of the reign of Queen Victoria .
The old Kings Arms public house still uses gas lighting .

The map shows the location of Heath relative to Darton, Felkirk and Wakefield in about 1850. It also shows the locations of the various photographs, complete with their respective links.

Heath was also close to Sandal Castle and the Parish Church of Sandal Magna , which historically had exerted much influence upon the whole region.

The old village of Warmfield is today, practically nonexistent. Warmfield was situated between Heath and Sharlston.

Approaching Sharlston Hall, it has the external appearance of a house taken straight out of a Grimm Fairy Tale, although I doubt that it ever was occupied by a wicked witch . Over the high walls the Hall looks more like a small village of cottages .

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