This research was done in loving memory of my
Father who left us all too soon.





In Memory of a Dear Husband and Father



Our sad hearts now are
For the dear one we love,
Who has gone from Earth
to Heaven,
To that happy home above.


He was our pal and comrade,
And the dearest friend,
He was a loyal worker,
And faithful to the end.


God sent his holy angels,
From Heaven to Earth below,
To bear away our dear one,
On wings as white as snow.


We are now so very lonely,
But God was lonely too,
So he took away our loved one,
Who was so kind and true.


Let us look up and smile,
Think of that Promised Land,
Where there will be no tears
And sadness,
And there will be no parting hand.


This poem was written by my Mother,

in loving memory of my Father.


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