Below is a scan of the Royal Charter of 1631, issued by the court of Charles I, confirming the right of Thomas Haighe and George Beamont to collect the tithes of darton and Mapplewell. As you can see it in Latin.
It starts with the text
"Charles (Carolus) by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland ....".
Attached to the bottom was the royal seal. The original document is decorated in colour and obviously was for display in a public place.

You can see the first occurrence of their names at the end of the second line of the small text and the name of Thomas Richardson, one of Charles' noblemen just above, on the first line.

As you can imagine, reading the script is by no means an easy task, and if anyone feels up to the challenge there is a partial transcript available.
It is intended that the full transcript and translation will be published as soon as it is ready.


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