The Haigh's

Robert the emigrant's father, also called Robert Robucke married into the landed family of the Haige's of Mapplewell. His wife Catherine Haige was the daughter of Thomas Haige. Robert and Catherine Robuck and their children are referred by name to in an Indenture dated 1659, which was one of a series concerning rights to the Tithes of Darton and Mapplewell purchased by Catherine's father Thomas Haige from George Carr, a nobleman of London, in October 1625 and April 1631.

In May 1631 King Charles issued a royal charter confirming his right to collect these tithes.

By reference to further Indentures, dated 1626 and 1631, and to various Wills and other Deeds seven generations of Haige's have been identified including Thomas Haige the younger of Mapplewell (Catherine's father), the Thomas Haige named within the Royal Charter.

Previously the Haige's had owned the Manor of West Haigh in Kexbrough, complete with lands, Manor House, Corn Mills, other property and rights over surrounding commons and woods as far as Woolley. Matthew Haigh sold it all to Godfrey Matthewman in 1617 for the sum of £545.00.

Robert's Haige ancestors have now been traced all the way back to the original ancestor first bearing the Haige name, John del Haghe born about 1390 AD, as can be seen from the Haige Tree. From the 'Haige Tree' are links to various of the relevant Wills and Deeds.

In the period before 1650 there were a multitude of different spellings of the name Haigh / Hague. all of which are valid and interchangeable. It must be remembered that in those days most people could not even write their own names. The surviving records are those written by Clerks who would have spelled the name as they thought fit.

Whilst it's fair to say that the name Haigh had many origins, the Haigh's of the Parish of Darton (Robert Robucke's ancestors) had not moved far since the name first became established around 1400 AD. Robert Robucke's Haigh ancestors have been traced back at least to the 14th century and to the Manor of West Haigh, somewhere near Kexbrough.

All the Haigh references relate to a very small locality within the Parish of Darton comprising: West Bretton, Darton, Kexbrough, Mapplewell, Staincross, Haigh, West Haigh and Nether Haigh.

On the subject of spellings, Robert Robucke's Haigh ancestors spelled their name at various times Hage, Haighe and Haige. Within the earliest Darton Parish Registers the name was predominantly spelled Haige.

George Redmonds has published a similar study on the name Haigh. His study concerns a group, which originates quite close by near Huddersfield. This study can be found in 'Yorkshire Surnames Series Part 2, Huddersfield & District' by George Redmonds 1992 ISBN 0 9508526 6 X