The family of Robert Roebuck the emigrant, moved to Darton from Felkirk about 1500. The name Robuck first appears in the Darton Parish Registers, in 1544 with the burial of Thomas Robucke on 1 May. Thomas was born in Felkirk, about 4 miles to the East, towards Pontefract, in about 1490.

Interestingly the name of the River Dearne appears to have been derived from 'deer'. The derivation of the name Darton from Saxon times, seems to be a town on the river of the deer, or a deer enclosure.


The Robert's English Family Tree chart shows all the Darton Robucke's. In fact, this single family were the only Robucke inhabitants of the Parish at that time from 1500 to 1676. This is confirmed by the tax assessment of 1653, see below.

The Haigh's button links to the details of Robert's maternal ancestors back to 1500 and to the Haige Family Tree.

Shortly after Robert Robucke had departed the village to find fame and fortune in America, his Elder brother Thomas did the same, but only as far as the village of Heath. This was circa 1680. The Thomas of Heath button links to further details of this branch of the family.

The Darton area map dates from 1854. The Parish Church of All Saints is still there but the Parsonage no longer exists as it was unfatunately on the path of the M1 Motorway.

The photographs of the Darton area include those of the Parish Church, the Station, the Old School, the Sunday School, the Vicarage and a view of the River Dearne from the Darton Bridge.

The river Dearne, which would have played a vital part in the life of the parish actually has its source in the Graveship of Holme.

The stone Parish Church which still exists has changed little externally since the Robucke's arrived circa 1500, but little else has survived or remained unchanged. Darton has changed a lot over the years following the start of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, with the mining of coal; the arrival of the railways and more recently the M1 motorway, linking Darton with Leeds, Sheffield and London.

In the course of the research in England a tax assessment made in January 1653 was found which lists most of the families there. This was the year that Robert the Imigrant was born. The families include those of Robert Robucke and several of Haighe, Robert the Emigrant's maternal ancestors. This can be compared with the list of Darton names for the period 1580 to 1680.
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