Robert's elder brother Thomas: -

Thomas was a name much used by the Robucke's of Felkirk and Darton so it was not surprising that Robert and Catherine's eldest child was called Thomas. Catherine's father was also called Thomas (Thomas Haige).

Unlike his brother Robert the emigrant little or nothing was known of Thomas, until now. His baptism was recorded in the Darton Parish Church Registers in 1650, just after the English Civil war. He was named in the Admon of his father Robert who died in 1670. They were a poor family. Robert the emigrant left home about 1673, arriving in America in 1674, but Thomas stayed behind and continued to receive poor relief from Darton Parish until 1676. After this date there is no further record of Thomas's existence in Darton.

Coincidentally after this date the name Roebuck started appearing in the registers of the neighbouring parish of Warmfield, and it is there that we find Thomas's burial in 1711.

Based upon the evidence of Hearth Taxes, Wills and other Parish Registers it is possible to account for the lifecycle of all the other Thomas Roebuck's of a comparable age each within his own parish. There was no recorded migration at this time of such a Thomas Roebuck, with the notable exception of Robert's brother Thomas who moved from Darton to Heath. Heath is a village in the Parish of Warmfield.

It was in Heath that Thomas (senior) started the Roebucks of Heath dynasty.

His son Thomas Roebuck (junior) acquired great wealth and married Mary Ferrand around 1698. Mary was the daughter of Robert Ferrand, born in 1647 and Barbara Bradgate born about 1650.

Thomas (junior) died in 1726, having already made his Will in 1723. In his Will Thomas directs that the inheritance must pass down from eldest son to eldest son, his eldest surviving son was John Roebuck. His other children were left £1,500.00 each, which was described as a fortune later in his widow mary's Will.

Thomas (junior)'s widow Mary (Ferrand) died in 1731. Their daughter Elizabeth had recently died since the death of her father, Thomas. Mary's Will refers to the distribution Elizabeth's fortune. She also mentions that their eldest son John was still not yet 'of age' (he was actually 20 years old at that time.)

John Roebuck, eldest son and heir of Thomas Roebuck (junior) married Elizabeth Maude in 1732 and continued to acquire wealth from his wife's family, the Maude's of Wakefield.

John's sister, Martha married Henry Disney in 1730.

The Disney's were a Nottinghamshire family. This marriage is also confirmed by the evidence of a deed located in the archives of the University of Nottingham.

Their son Henry Woolhouse Disney inherited the estates of his Uncle John Roebuck of Heath and following the inheritance, assumed his mother's maiden name as his surname and became known as Henry Woolhouse Disney Roebuck.

This fact is also evidenced by deeds located in the archives of the University of Nottingham.

The same Woolhouse Disney Roebuck, the great great grandson of Robert Robuck and Catherine Haigh of Darton is reputed to have built Midford Castle near Bath.

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