Hepworth is one of the ancient settlements of the Graveship of Holme. There are records confirming that Robucke's have lived here since at least the 16th century. The families of George Robucke 1555 to 1593 and Thomas Robucke 1610 to 1662 are particularly well documented, from Wills and from the Parish Registers of Kirkburton.

To see photographs of the Hepworth area click on the thumbnails.

This photograph was taken in 1953, which gives something of the rural flavour of the village.

This is a photograph of the Butchers Arms Inn as it was in 1908. On the same page is a photograph of the pub as it is now.

Holy Trinity Church in Hepworth was not built until 1863, just too late to be included on the 1854 map of the area.

This is a view looking East over Hepworth towards Meal Hill and Tinkers Tower. Unlike the town the hills will have changed little since the Robucke's lived there in the 16th century.

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