Listed below are the various sources and source documents that have been consulted in England in the course of this research project, (using the original documents wherever possible) together with other useful links.


At the West Yorkshire Archive Services, Wakefield: -

The Darton Parish Registers.

The Cawthorne Parish Registers.

The Silkstone Parish Registers.

The Kirkburton Parish Registers, translation by Frances Collins dated 1887.

The Darton Parish Book, detailing inter alia the Poor Relief and Parish Officers.

The West Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions Indictment Books.

The Quaker records of the Pontefract Monthly Meetings.


At the Doncaster Archives: -

The Conisbrough Parish Registers


At the Borthwick Institute, in the University of York: -

Marriage Bonds and Allegations.

Yorkshire Will's Indexes.

The Bishop's Transcripts for the Parish of Darton

Yorkshire Surnames and the Hearth Tax Returns of 1672-73
A publication by David Hey and George Redmonds, Dec. 2002.


At the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, in Leeds: -

The recorded Monumental Inscriptions of Darton Parish Church by Miss H Dearnley 1972 to 1973.

The recorded Monumental Inscriptions of Cawthorne Parish Church by Miss H Dearnley 1982.

The History of Kirkburton Parish, Moorhouse, 1861.

Original Deeds for the Darton Area.

Original Manor Court Rolls for the Darton Area.

And the published transcriptions and translations of: -

The Yorkshire Lay Subsidies

The Royalist Composition Papers

The Calendar of Inquisitions

Yorkshire Fines of the Tudor Period

Yorkshire Wills Indexes

Yorkshire Deeds

The Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield

Paver's Yorkshire Marriage Licences

Marriage Bonds and Allegations of Yorkshire


At the Bretton Hall campus of the University of Leeds

Original Deeds from the Allendale Collection.


At the Public Records Office at Kew: -

The Hearth Tax records for 1672 for the West Riding of Yorkshire Wappentakes of Morley, Agbrigg, Staincross, Strafforth and Tickhill.


The Barnsley Family History Society: -

This is the Family History Society that covers the district of Darton. On this site is to be found information about Darton Parish Church and also concerning the ancestry of many of the other names listed on the Darton Surnames page.


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